Shielaugh V.

Shielaugh V. is the artisan and founder of Laughing Devil Designs, LLC. She started LDD because she is a bit of a environmentalist and believes in supporting sustainable agriculture for all of her food, so this translated  into her skin care and home products.  Having grown up on a tight budget, she believes everyone should have have access to great goods for them and their home, so also strives to keep prices as low as possible without sacrificing quality. And all of her products are made so that a little goes a long way.  She is also an accomplished children’s book illustrator and a fine artist (you can visit that part of her life at www.svdart.com).


Shielaugh B

Shielaugh B, is our Marketing Manager.  She determines the demand for products offered by Laughing Devil Designs while ensuring our customers are satisfied. She oversees product development and indicates the need for new products. She also develops all of our marketing plans and most importantly transforms those plans into reality. Not only that, but she also attends market events, packages products and helps test all the products. She also works as a coordinator for a local city government. She’s a lady of many hats.