I have a few larger shows coming up and I’ll be teaching all next week so I won’t have much time other than this week to prepare for my show at the Triton museum in Santa Clara, and The 4th of July show a week and a half later in El Cerrito.

    Today I made about 100 lip balms. A Summer SPF 15 lip balm, A reformulated Smooth as Silk now with SPF 10, A new mica -free berry colored lip tint, and my Muted Merlot mica lip tint.

    Since I’m allergic to all chemical sunscreens, that was fun to find out being as pale as I am, I sot out oils that have natural sunscreen, like Red Raspberry Oil and Macadamia Nut Oil to create my lip balms. The summer version has a bit of zinc to get the lip balm to be a board spectrum spf 15.

    Making lip balm is super fun and a lot easier now that I have a mold, instead of having to make sure I didn’t over pour my little tubes before.

    Here’s some photos of me making my new summer lip balm