How to Apply Foundation for Mature Dry Skin?

    In this article, we will be dedicated to the secret for dry skin girls who do not eat chalk. It is a fact that dry skin without chalk is the most difficult problem in makeup. If you have dry skin, but don’t choose the right method of care and make-up that is not suitable, it is easy to face roughness, white mold, wrinkles and chapped skin. So what is the solution, how to apply foundation for mature skin?

    How to Apply Foundation for Mature Dry Skin?

    Set of spots of dry skin

    Firstly, learn the characteristics of your skin offline!

    Dry skin is dehydrated, cracked, or flaky skin, which will be more noticeable when applying makeup, because of the ability to attach chalk and the more pronounced appearance of wrinkles.

    The reason for this is because you have not really chosen the right care methods, skin is dehydrated due to daily routines, sitting in the air-conditioned room, drinking less water, or using products. Moisturizers and moisture levels are not really right. In addition, the use of physical exfoliating products also causes skin to become dry and more vulnerable.

    The level of resistance to dry skin depends on yourself, understanding and properly paying attention to skin is the best way to improve the situation.

    How to apply foundation for mature dry skin

    Choose makeup foundation comprehensive coverage for dry skin

    Instead of choosing according to your senses, refer to specific foundation products specifically for dry skin such as foundation for 40s dry skin to apply for mature dry skin. In addition, you should pay attention to foundation products with integrated sun protection (SPF 25 – 30), help the skin prevent the harmful effects from the sun, save time and thin the page. your point.

    Skin in your 40s will begin to show fine lines and dark spots. Therefore, you should choose a foundation that has a comprehensive coverage (instead of a lightening foundation, moisturizing foundation) to cover the face’s disadvantages. Liquid foundation creams (or BB creams) with high coverage will help you “eradicate” the most ingenious brown spots or crow’s feet.

    How to Apply Foundation for Mature Dry Skin?

    Exfoliate daily

    Makeup experts say that if you use a daily makeup layer on dry skin, the number of exfoliating cells will be greater, so choosing an appropriate exfoliating product for your skin The skin is something to consider. Use products with a chemical exfoliating ingredient, which contains formulas and soothing ingredients like Salicylic Acid combined with moisturizing ingredients. These products will provide the ability to remove newly born dead cells, effectively reducing pore clogging, regenerating new skin cells, helping to stabilize skin cell structure and fade out Small wrinkles and deep wrinkles – the biggest obsession of dry skin.

    Use moisturizer or moisturizer for dry skin before applying makeup

    Whether your makeup is durable and well maintained on the skin, depends a lot on this step. However, consider carefully the moisturizer that you use, because your skin can “betray” and become oily if you make the wrong choice. Make-up experts recommend that you choose a serum or additional essence (booster) to provide moisture to the skin, this will bring unexpected results.

    Powder must have a certain thickness and smooth

    If possible, limit the use of chalks to dry skin. If you can’t give up on this step, master the rule for dry skin, which is “don’t over-apply” when applied to both concealer and powder. Because the makeup is too thick, it will make the skin flake more, wrinkles as well as defects on the skin will be visible, the makeup layer is easy to “powder” and not smooth. The advice for you is to determine where to use the powder and divide each area clearly (between the eyebrows, the bridge of the nose, the two sides of the nose), then use a chalk brush to create a thin layer on the skin, Then your skin will be smoother, smoother and much brighter.

    Choose powder according to skin color

    Choosing cosmetics according to skin color is always crucial for your beauty. If you have a slightly pale skin, you can choose pale yellow powder, champagne gold. And if you own the skin “honey cake”, a little bit of brown around the eyes will help your face become fresh, so the eyes are also more prominent and sexier.

    How to Apply Foundation for Mature Skin?

    Bronze brown powder

    Instead of the youthful, colorful makeup styles that are only suitable for teenage girls; You should switch to using bronzer for your face. A little light brown powder on the cheek, or to create a block around the jawbone will give you a healthy, youthful skin.

    Create blocks

    As you age, your face becomes more saggy and lose the firmness inherent, so creating a block is a makeup step not to be missed for ladies in their 40s. They will help your face look slimmer. , more serene and more youthful. Therefore, you should use chalk to create a block (darker than 1 tone powder coating) evenly over the forehead, and the sides of the jawbone to help the face always stand out.


    You should choose concealer with the same tone as the foundation. Because if you choose the tone too bright or too dark, the defects of your face will be more visible. At the age of 40, you should also say goodbye to the ingot products, switch to a liquid or serum concealer. In addition to cleverly hiding all wrinkles, brown spots; They also provide water for your skin to keep the owner young and radiant.


    Besides creating blocks, highlighting also helps your face stand out. Makeup experts recommend that, after you finish all, you only need to use pearl powder or light powder, apply right on the brow bone area, just above the eyebrows and medium. They will help your face always shine. The manual highlight will give you the most natural beauty and save a lot of time!


    The gentle, simple blush colors will keep you young and beautiful. But instead of spreading the pollen around the cheekbones, apply the blush from the highest point of the cheekbone, slant to the ears! This makeup will create the sharp “need-to-have” of a 40-year-old woman, and they also help your face slimmer in all cases.

    Light pink blush, pearl pink suitable for white skin, while brown skin will stand out with brown, pink, orange …

    Make sure to remove makeup off your skin before going to bed

    Makeup and makeup don’t make your skin worse, but if you don’t remove your makeup cleanly, that’s the main cause of skin problems. Using non-alcoholic makeup remover products is a leading cause of aging skin faster and faster. A “non-alcohol” product, extracted from gentle formulas, will help your skin clean and smooth.

    Skin care procedures you should keep in mind for dry skin: Makeup remover -> Facial cleanser -> Tonner -> Exfoliating essence -> Improve essence (if necessary) -> Moisturizer -> Essence additional moisture.


    Tips for Shaving Head With Clippers

    Before you try this at your home, you should understand why you should use clippers for shaving your head? Because most of the time, people use clippers for a bald head. It means the people having good hair growth and properly conditioned hair do not use the clippers for their heads.

    Tips for Shaving Head With Clippers

    Shaving head with clippers:

    People are tired of going to the barbers for setting their hair or for a hair cut. And they also have charged lots of money for trimming your beard. That’s why it was the idea to use the clippers for your hair to shave. People with a little bit of baldness have tried this and had successfully trimmed their hair. So, it’s clear that you can use clippers to trim or shave your head. And for those people with a little bit of experience or no experience want to get some tips for shaving head with clippers, and they should know about best bald head clippers.

    One thing that people should consider hair clipping is that their hair short be short in length. They should correctly and adequately try the clipping process. Because it’s not like you shave, you are heard with clippers. Long hair and faster growth are something that doesn’t allow you to trim your hair with the help of Bald Head Clippers. So, we will discuss some facts that will be the tips for shaving head with clippers.

    Tips for Shaving Head With Clippers

    Tips For Shaving Head With Clippers

    First, you should have enough experience for shaving your head with clippers, or you should visit a barbershop for trimming your head with clippers if you don’t know about cutting your head with clippers. The length of your hair should be short, and longer hair will cause some problems of hair fall if you try to shave your head with clippers. If you are suffering from baldness problems or if you think that your hairs are not that much thick, you can go through hair clipping. You should wash your hair before you think to shave your head with clippers. The hair should be oil-free, otherwise, you’ll see the problem in trimming and slipping of the trimmer, it will damage your hairstyle.

    • You should use new, and multiple blade razor, it will help your skin to be sensitive.
    • Use some of the shaving creams, shaving machines and other things you use for the shaving of your beard
    • Start trimming your hair with the place having minimum hair on it, and it will not cause any problems in cutting.
    • Keep consistency as you keep on shaving your beard.
    • Don’t let your hair grow longer; it’ll cause more problems in trimming.
    • Use standard and proven products for trimming.

    Best Bald Head Clippers

    As we already discussed, what cares you should take in hair clipping, the most important and affecting factor that gives you an ease of trimming your hair without facing any problems is the clipper itself. It would be best if you used standard clippers suggested by the barbers or specialists. Go ahead with the article because we will discuss some of the best bald head clippers that you can purchase for trimming and shaving your head.

    Skull Shaver

    The official product name is the Skull Shaver Pitbull Generation, and the Shaving Machine comes with three Colors like platinum, silver, and gold. You will be able to purchase a pack of hair trimmer attachments that attaches with this product to trim your hair, and it helps in trimming out your hair of long love hair. After cutting the hair, you should use this trimmer for trimming your hair or for shaving your head with the clipper. So, it means that it will work even if you have long hair, and the trimmer uses the chargeable battery. It comes with different accessories like charger, climber, and oil.  They designed to fit in your palm, and it has a perfect grip.

    HeadBlade ATX all-terrain head Razor

    If you are looking for the best bald head clippers, you should specifically go for this product. Because it is designed for the shaving of the head only. It means it supports all the services that you need to get for shaving your head. It offers you four blades cartridge attachments with different sizes of trimming attachments. You can cut your head with it, and you will see that it gives a clean shave appearance on your head just like your beard. It doesn’t combine the clipper attachments that you need to do manually. It looks like a toy, and minimums your efforts in trimming your hair.

    Panasonic Arc-3 Electric Razor

    It is the gadget that saves your money by stopping you from going to the barbers or Barber Shop. Because it shaves your face as well as your head. They have specially designed this product to serve you for shaving your head as well as your beard. It comes with the chargeable battery used to run the clipper, and you can see various accessories given in the box like charging cable, charging stand, cleaner, and clipper attachments. You can use this product to trim your hair and to shave your beard several times before you need to clean the clippers. It shows the flexibility of the clipper itself. This product gives both the facilities, to trim your head with clippers as well as to shave your beard. It is also cost-effective for you.


    By understanding the importance of the clippers in men, especially when they are suffering from Balding problems or baldness, we can conclude that it’s easy to use the clipper for shaving your head without needing a barber. We also shared some of the tips for shaving head with clippers that can help you decide when to shave your head, how to shave your head, and in which type of hair you can use Clippers (Straight Hair Only). We also discussed some of the most effective and best bald head clippers.


    What Can I Use Instead of Sunscreen?

    After taking a bath, exfoliating your skin is one of the important things to keep your skin nourish and prevent from dryness. There are so many people who avoid the use of sunscreen, considering that it can is an expensive product of choice. Some people think that sunscreen and other factory-made products have harmful preservatives, which can make them bad for the skin. So, you can consider an alternative here.

    What Can I Use Instead of Sunscreen?

    Why to Use Alternative?

    Before using the alternative of sunscreen, let’s learn about any two reasons which can easily make you shift from a reputed sunscreen brand to natural options. There are many natural options, but before knowing about the alternative, we have to learn the reason to switch from sunscreen to alternatives. So. Let’s get started!

    • Harmful Preservatives – Most of the sunscreen is made up of quality ingredients, but to make it durable, manufacturers are putting some preservatives. It can help to enhance the expiry period and to preserve the adequate quality for a long time. However, the added preservatives have some sort of harm to the body, which can make your skin dry and a lot more. According to a study, poor quality skincare product manufacturer uses some harsh chemical which can cause skin cancer also.
    • Expensive Price – If you don’t go with the cheap quality sunscreen to avail of better quality products, then you have to pay a good amount for sure. So, it is important that you use it wisely. Even such expensive priced products are not going to last long. Sunscreen is one of the important skincare products, but it is used in higher quantity. So, it is also considered as the major reason people think about the use of an alternative of sunscreen.
    • Block Open Pores – Due to the oily texture of sunscreen, it can block open pores of the skin. This can easily cause trouble with skin health and cause acne. The number of pimples start increasing; that’s why it is the basic trouble. So, you should avoid going with the sunscreen to avoid getting such kind of problems.

    These reasons can easily make you think about avoiding sunscreen, but it is not an effective choice for sure. If you want an affordable sunscreen or skincare product, then you can consider going with Korean sunscreen to get rid of all the issues. Most of the people are relying on Korean beauty care product due to higher quality.

    Alternative Of Sunscreen

    You can easily find more than ten natural alternatives to sunscreen, which are almost similar in working, and you can rely on them without any issue. Keep it in mind that these alternatives might not work for everyone, and you should consult to a dermatologist before getting started with the use of any product. Let’s begin!

    1. Red Raspberry Seed Oil

    Have you ever heard about Red Raspberry Seed Oil? Well, it is also available in the market with the similar properties of sunscreen. You can apply it on arms, face, and other body parts. It is a bit smoother, so you might feel oil on the face. That’s why you should use it in less quantity.

    The best part of using the Red Raspberry Seed Oil is, it contains 28-50 SPF properties that can easily block UVB rays. When going on a trip to the beach or sunny area, you can rely on the use of seed oil. It is a cheaper alternative, and you will use it in very quantity; also, that’s why you can rely on it without any issue.

    2. Carrot Seed Oil

    Carrot seeds also contain similar properties of Red Raspberry Seed Oil, but there is a difference in the SPF range. The SPF range of Carrot Seed oil is from 38-40. If you want to use the correct range of sunscreen, then it is a better and reliable choice.

    Carrot seed oil is easily available in the market, but it is a bit costly. Still, you can get it at an affordable price from a sunscreen. The best part is, you can use seed oil for its antioxidant properties, which make it a highly reliable choice to consider over the selection of others.

    3. Sesame Oil

    Sesame Oil holds almost similar properties to the moisturizer and sunscreen. That’s why you can easily consider the use. It is highly reliable to block 30% of sunlight, which is an effective choice to consider. It not only preserves skin from UV rays but also helps with skin health and promotes glowing skin.

    The only bad factor about sesame oil is, it is a little bit expensive to use. The extract from most of the manufacturers is expensive, but they offer pure sesame oil. Due to this reason, you consider the use of natural options.

    4. Aloe Vera

    No doubt that Aloe Vera offers some of the best skincare benefits. That’s why you can rely on it without having a single issue. There are plenty of people using it in their daily life. In case you want to get additional benefits from the same, then going with Aloe Vera as sunscreen is an effective choice.

    It not only blocks 20% of sunlight, but it is also helping the growth of better skin. You can find glowing skin, which makes it a highly impressive choice. There are also SPF properties to enhance the overall advantages. This natural option is considered as a better alternative to most of the problems.

    What Can I Use Instead of Sunscreen?


    Over the past couple of years, the manufacturers of skincare products are getting better and coming up with products that have a negligible amount of preservatives. If you don’t want to switch, then you can consider going with the best sunscreen for skin and avail many advantages.

    Keeping it in mind, we suggest you to prefer natural options or quality skincare product. Do not go for the cheap one because they can harm your skin, and chances of facing issues like acne, pimple, or rashes are higher with them. Hope these alternatives will come in handy.

  • BLOG

    How to Take Care of Face Skin Naturally?

    Definitely, taking care of your skin is a most essential part of daily routine. Whatever the soap is handy, you just tend to wash your face more frequently. Also, you do not try to use the sunscreen as often rather you might attempt to use the products, which have harsh ingredients in them to remove the dark.

    Moisturize your skin is also equally essential to do on every morning in a routine basis. In order to moisturize your skin, you can use the right facial moisturizer that supports your skin to maintain a healthy look. If you need to enhance the look of your skin, you can simply attempt following the natural ways that will greatly support you to maintain the natural healthy skin care routine.

    How to Take Care of Face Skin Naturally?

    Do men need skin care daily?

    Today, the skin care of men is a most essential concern. In these days, men are worried as like women on the health of their skin and will ready to perform anything to stop the tell-tale marks of aging look. When you begin your skin routine for men, first of all, you can ensure that the facial moisturizer you use is fully free from artificial chemicals such as mineral oils, Parabens and fragrances and so on. If you consistently use the products over times that are made up of such compounds, this would have a detrimental effect on your skin. Also, most of these products have chemicals that are linked with different kinds of cancers.

    In a very short span of time, you can begin to enhance the look of your skin by simply following some very fundamental steps. All it does daily for a few minutes and using the right men’s skin care products will surely give a tremendous effect that absolutely wonder you after specific period.

    Here are some useful steps for you to enhance your appearance that include:

    • The foremost thing is that you do the following things on a routine basis to obtain the best outcomes that include cleansing, toning and moisturizing.
    • Once you begin to get into this routine daily, you will see that your skin gets cleaner every day. If your skin is clean, it is much simpler to identify any other issues on the surface like rashes or any allergic reaction.
    • One of the most important things that you can perform to keep your body skin healthy is by moisturizing it, after getting out of a bath or shower.
    • When you use best facial moisturizer for men, it will safeguard your face on a whole day from the outside impacts.
    • If you actually want to keep your skin tidy, you will require doing the proper cleansing techniques that women should usually take to clear away from any pollution.
    • Initially, you want to use the cleanser for that you can utilize the cleansing creams, bars or lotions.
    • You must also use a toner to get rid of deposit, which was left after the cleansing. Another thing is using moisturizer that gives your skin additional nutrition it requires.
    • In addition to moisturize, you can give yourself a facial massage at least once or twice per week. Of course, you will need some oil to this and then utilize your fingertips by moving in a circular motion, but you avoid getting any massage oil in your eyes.
    • Before your skin begins to be cleaned deeply, you will possibly require two or three massages. When you get out this stage of cleaning, you can ensure that you keep cleaning your skin in a routine manner.

    How to take care of face skin naturally?

    Naturally, people are gifted with stunning and spotless skin, while some of them are not. It does not matter what kind of skin you have, still you can accomplish that glowing healthy skin by simply taking care of your skin in a proper way. First of all, you do not have to drown your skin with cosmetic products available on the market to have a good skin. At present, there is a plenty of natural and safer ways available to take care of your skin naturally.

    Initially, you have to maintain a well-balanced and healthy diet. Also, you have to nourish yourself from inside to be able to project that vigorous glow on your skin. Diet does not essentially mean that you have to starve yourself and remove yourself on the foods that you love. What’s essential is you just load upon the healthy stuff and also take away your swindler foods discreetly.

    Do moisturizer necessary?

    Now, you can find some moisturizer for men at the local retail store, so you just want to look at the label on products to ensure that the ingredients are natural. When it comes to taking care of your skin in a natural way, the foremost thing you must do is safeguarding your skin from the sun every time, when you go out. This means that not only using the sunscreen, but also using a light scarf, a hat or an umbrella, while you are in direct sunlight for a long period of time. If you do not safeguard your skin from the direct sun, you will definitely have patches of dark pigmentation on your face as well as other areas within a short time. If you have already any dark freckles or dark areas on your face and body, you must be meticulous on avoiding any other sun exposure.

    How to Take Care of Face Skin Naturally?

    How to moisturize the skin for men?

    Getting good-looking skin is very simple today, if you follow these easy steps and also use the best facial moisturizer in order to keep it soft and supple.

    • Begin with a clean surface
    • Know your skin type
    • Recover it at night
    • Seek shade
    • Keep your eye on your eyes
    • Cover your body


    Therefore, as like women, men can also have clean and beautiful skin, if they will get to use the right skin care products for men available in the market.


    What Face Wash Should I Use?

    Many people wish to have a pretty face and they do many things to have an attractive look. They have to be conscious about how to wash their face and the overall quality of products such as Korean cleansing foam they use to cleanse their face. They can focus on the following details about the face wash suggestions and make an informed decision to improve their appearance as expected.

    What Face Wash Should I Use?

    Reasons to wash face daily

    Regular skin cleansing is very important to keep healthy looking as well as feeling skin. If you think about the main reasons to wash your face daily, then you can consider the following details.

    • Remove dirt, oil and unwanted debris build up
    • Boost up hydration
    • Maintain clear skin
    • The skin looking radiant and healthy
    • Maintain proper pore size
    • Prevent the production of excess oils 

    Everyone spends most of their time outdoor and requires the safe and successful approaches to enhance their skin. They can pay attention to everything about the skin care issues and make positive changes in their approach to enhance their skin in terms of the appearance and health.

    There are loads of valuable reasons to develop the appropriate cleansing routine. However, the main reasons are as follows.

    • Prepare the skin for your moisturizer
    • Remove the dirt from the day
    • Stop pores becoming clogged
    • Leave the skin feeling fresh
    • Get clear and radiant skin

    You may have any lifestyle and busy schedule in recent years. If you do not properly take care of your skin, then you may suffer from different skin health problems. You have to wash your face at least two times a day. Experts in the skincare essentials and guidelines nowadays recommend washing the face with the best products to keep the skin healthy and look good. You can use the best suitable facial cleanser to wash your face two times a day. You have to understand and remember that a facial cleanser is the first product you have to use in your skin care routine every day.

    What is the difference between face wash and cleanser?

    People who wash their face in the morning and night can get the desired improvement in their skin in terms of the health and appearance beyond their expectations. They may get confused with face wash products and facial cleanser available at this time. They have to know about the main differences between the face wash and cleanser at first. 

    A facial cleanser can be used daily to remove the dirt and makeup from the face. As compared to using the usual body washes and soaps, you can prefer and use the facial cleanser as safe as possible. This is because the facial cleansers do not have the sodium lauryl sulfate which is the common skin irritant. 

    A high-quality cleanser is more hydrating and moisturizing than the face wash

    Though the face wash can be used as an alternative for soap, it cannot be used as an alternative for the cleanser. A cleanser is gentler than face wash and soap products. The first-class face wash foams up like the soap and plays an important role to leave the skin clean and refreshed. Users of the cleansing foam these days get the most expected benefits. They are confident to recommend this cleansing foam product to their friends who seek how to keep the skin radiant and healthy.

    The main purpose of the face washes and cleansers is to remove the dirt, oil, pollution and other unfavourable things from the skin. These products cleanse the face and aid in the skin health and appearance improvement in different aspects. You have to remember that a face wash is a foaming cleanser. 

    A cleansing lotion is non-foaming in nature. A good cleanser dissolves away makeup, grime and excess oil from the face. On the other hand, a face wash is used to remove the deep seated debris and cleanse the pores. This is advisable to use the face cleanser at first and face wash later when you wear the maximum makeup and get exposed to loads of dust and pollution. 

    What cleanser is suitable for my skin type?

    What cleanser is suitable for my skin type?

    You may have the oily skin, dry skin or any skin type between these two options. You have to find and use the facial cleanser suitable for your skin type. Individuals who have a dry skin can properly use the face cleanser designed to keep the skin barrier moisturized as well as healthy. They have to concentrate on the overall quality of hydrating ingredients and the formula of the facial cleanser before investing in it. You have to use the first-class foaming face wash when you have acne-prone or oily skin. This is because the foaming face wash is used to keep pores clear and removes the impurities, dirt and oil.  

    Top brands of high-quality yet competitive prices of the Korean cleansing foams are available on online. You can focus on honest reviews of all these products and discuss with experts in this sector. You will get enough guidance and ensure about the successful approach to compare and narrow down Korean cleansing foam products. 

    There are some important things to keep in mind while choosing the cleansing foam product. For example, you can focus on the ingredients used to hydrate and purify the skin, pH balance, acne treatment, your skin type, scent, cost, quality and application process. You can seek advice from experts in this genre of products and enhance your approach to pick and purchase one of the most suitable facial cleansers. You will get loads of benefits when you use the Korean cleansing foam products like Rice water bright foaming cleanser from the Face Shop, Jeju Volcanic pore cleansing foam from Innisfree and Snail Foam Cleanser from Mixon.   


    Everyone has different requirements regarding their routine skincare. They can focus on the best face wash products and high-quality facial cleansers available at this time. They have to understand their requirements about the face washing and buy the appropriate skin care products subsequent to a thorough analysis of an array of important things. 




    As a new blog treat, while I expand my brand into the kitchen goods realm, I have decided to add some vegan recipes, hopefully once a month.

    With the start of  September come the last days of summer, this recipe is perfect for a refreshing reminder of summer before heading into the cooler fall months.


    2 cups whole-wheat pastry flour

    2 teaspoon baking powder

    1 teaspoon baking soda

    ½ teaspoon sea salt

    ½ cup unbleached sugar, separated

    3 Tablespoon dried lavender (culinary grade, I used French Lavender)

    ¼ Cup Earth Balance, softened (coconut oil works too if you like that taste)

    2 teaspoon lemon zest

    3 Tablespoon fresh lemon juice

    ½ teaspoon lemon extract

    1 teaspoon vanilla extract

    2 egg replacers ( use your favorite type; I used use 2 teaspoons of baking soda mixed with 2 tablespoons of white vinegar for 2 “eggs”)

    1 ¼ cup cashew milk (this can be your favorite non-dairy milk)


    1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Prepare 12-well, muffin pan with liners or greasing.
    2. Sift together pasty flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt.
    3. In a food processor (or blender), grind ¼ cup sugar and lavender together.
    4. Cream Earth Balance, with sugar and lavender mixture, and remaining ¼ cup sugar.
    5. Add lemon zest, juice, extracts, and favorite egg replacer and stir to combine.
    6. Mix dry ingredients into wet. Then add cashew milk. Stir until just incorporated. Do not over mix.
    7. Divide batter among muffin tins. Bake until golden brown outside, and a toothpick comes out of muffins clean, about 15 minutes.




    is my favorite fragrant evergreen, and I use Rosemary essential oil in our healing hand salve.

    This pretty Mediterranean herb in thought to be a rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. Rosemary has also been found to has properties which kill certain types of bacteria, fungi and virus on the skin, which makes it a great addition for treating minor wounds burns or skin conditions like dermatitis, acne, eczema or psoriasis. It helps dry skin regenerate, and helps improve blood circulation and helps lock in moisture.  It is also thought to aid in neutralizing free radicals; free- radical damage can comprise the structure of your skin leading to wrinkles, sagging, and uneven skin tone.

    I love that it helps heal and moisturize which is why it is in my hand salve. I personally love to use salve before and after gardening and cooking to help keep my hands from drying out.  Since I come from a background in the arts, I originally created it due to paper and cloth drying out my skin, so it’s a dry salve that won’ t leaves greasy marks on paper once rubbed into the skin.

    Aside from just being good for your skin topically, rosemary can work its wonders from the inside out by adding the leaves of the herb to your favorite foods.  Full of flavor, it is a good source of iron, calcium and vitamin B6, all which support healthy collagen levels. Rosemary is also a rich source of manganese, which has been found to help minimize wrinkles and protects the skin from damage. I love the flavor rosemary on just about everything, so I love that it helps my skin from the inside out too, my favorite dish has to be rosemary crispy baked potato wedges.  Do you have any favorite uses for rosemary?



    I have gotten some questions on where I have been, and if I am still in business. The second part of that question is the easiest, YES!, I’m still very much in business. I’m planning some news products and working on new goals for my company.

    The other question is a much longer story. In 2013 and 2014 I was omnipresent at every bay area show of note except renegade (I still have never gotten in that one), including hiring helpers so my company could be present at multiple places at the same time. It was physically exhausting but worth it and I made a lot of great maker friends in that time. Maintaining this lifestyle for 2 years was wearing, and I forgot to have a life at the same time, so in 2015 I took a long break and I did not appear at a show until August 2015. What did I do in my downtime? I made products, did well online and even had a product featured in one of etsy’s emails last April.  It was the break I needed, though I was still keeping busy making, because maker’s gotta make.

    At the same time, I was considering moving, which is always a stressful undertaking. The maker lifestyle is amazing, but it is hard in the pricey San Francisco Bay Area, so I was considering a move to Southern California for most of 2015. In total I spent 3 months in the Anaheim area deciding on if it was a fit. Plans didn’t work out, but that’s okay, instead I moved from sleepy Crockett (the most Northern city in the East Bay) back to Richmond (where I previously lived). Being closer to everything has helped in some ways and hurt in others, hurt as in rent costs more the closer to SF you live. I am still considering a move out of state, but for now I am still an East Bay girl.

    The winter months are always a little slow for me for shows, but I am excited to be returning to the Fair season at Maker Faire 11th Annual Show May 20-22, 2016. I’ll be debuting some new tea towel designs, and kitchen art at this show, as well as continuing with fan favorites which I started this company around, vegan bar soap inspired by food and herbs. I started adding kitchen items, last year, experimenting with some items. Cooking is a passion of mine so it made sense, I hope you will love the new products as much as I do. I look forward to seeing everyone’s friendly faces this spring and on-wards.



    The holiday craft fair season is over, and I want to thank all my fans and supporters that came out  in person, and all those that placed holiday orders. We were so happy this holiday season to be able to participate in SF Bizarre, Yelp’s Nifty under $50, Oaklandish’s Jack London Square Tree Lighting Pop-Up, SF Etsy’s Holiday Emporium, SF Bizarre at the Zoo Lights and SF Black Market “M”.  We had a lot of fun! 2014 is  already shaping up to be fun and we are looking froward to our winter and spring shows.  Check out some of our favorite pictures from the end of the 2013 show season below!

    See you in 2014! Happy New Year!
    Cheers, Shielaugh V.







    I just came off from a weekend at Bluxome Winery and Yelp’s 2nd Annual Nifty under $50 Show.  The yelp show is a lot of fun and you can find a full review here.  One attendee commented “I really enjoyed walking around and looking at each booth. The one that caught my eye was Laughing Devil Designs, which sold handmade soaps and lotions. Her soaps smelled amazing, especially the seasonal mistletoe scent! I bought 2 soaps for $10 – such a good deal!”  I have to say I love when people think my soaps are a good deal, because that’s part of my philosophy, all natural amazing products without killing the wallet.  Below is a tidbit of my booth all set up from photographer Basil Glew-Galloway.


    This  coming weekend I will be bringing the whole sha-bang to my booth at SF Bizarre (formerly Bizarre Bazzaar), so if you are looking for something in particular Saturday and Sunday I will have basically everything in stock. Seasonal scents are bound to sell out, so this weekend is the time to pick some up.  Visit me  December 7th & December 8th 2013 11-6PM each day Concourse Exhibition Center EAST HALL, 620 Seventh St. SF, CA 94103.

    Can’t make it Saturday or Sunday, I will have a smaller setup at Jack London Square on Friday night during the tree lighting inside the Pavilion building (the old Barnes and Noble).

    Happy Holidays!